Our Association of Riding Centres, based throughout Wales, has been offering people of all ages a wonderful experience of riding & trekking in fantastic countryside for the past 60 years. 

Wales boasts some of the best landscapes in the world & what better way to  experience mountains, valleys, beaches and woodland than on horseback.

North Wales Centres  This beautiful area boasts the Snowdonia mountain range with its tremendous views, as well as castles, cliffs, abundant wildlife, historic sites and quaint coastal resorts.

Mid Wales Centres  A trekking paradise, Mid-Wales contains open countryside, forests, rivers, hillsides, incredible views, lakes & charming villages.

South Wales Centres With a stunning coastline of cliffs, beaches & sand dunes bordered by rolling hills, valleys & quaint ports, South Wales offers a scenic & inspiring riding destination.

We are committed to the safety of the rider & also the well-being of the horses & ponies.  All riding centres on this website have been inspected & approved to ensure your riding experience is safe as well as pleasurable.

 Many offer their own accommodation, or can recommend nearby places to stay.

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Five Saints Riding & Trekking Centre is offering

For those riders out there who want to own a horse, but can't afford the extremely expensive costs, why not take one of our horses/ponies on part loan.

They will be kept here at Five Saints Riding Centre where we have great access to stunning safe hacking and use of outdoor menage and always someone to ride out with if wanted. Great for mother/daughter/son shares where an adult can supervise their child or an adult rider who just hasn't the time for the commitment of looking after a horse full time as all that is taken care of. Please email  for more details. It will cost you for a week less than it would for a lesson! so even if you can't come very often it's a very cost effective way of riding and actually looking after a horse you can call your own.

Contact Tel: 01558 65058 

Five Saints Riding and Trekking Centre


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Riding Centres



There are many different options available & you will be able to choose an hourly, half or full day ride, weekly riding packages and short breaks ........ Lessons or courses combining tuition or stable management with riding out ........B & B with your own horse.

A variety of accommodation is on offer, eg, hotels, farmhouses, guesthouses, camping barns & camp sites so check with the Centre you would like to ride with as each has something special to offer.

  • Pony Trekking:   Ideal for beginners; a relaxed trip around the countryside which can last from an hour up to a day.
  • Riding:  for those who can canter & trot.
  • Hacking: A fast pace for experienced riders.
  • Trail Riding:  Ride between overnight stops.


Now that the kids are back at school it is the perfect opportunity to take up horse riding. We offer discounted vouchers that can be used during school hours. We can tailor lessons and hacks to your level of experience and get you confident in the saddle in no time.

Off Peak Vouchers are valid Monday to Friday between 10am to 3pm. Excludes bank holidays, school holidays, and inset days.
5 x 1 hr lesson/hack are £95.00 (usual price £160.00, saving £65.00).
10 x 1 hr lesson/h...ack are £190.00 (usual price £320.00, saving £130.00).

Give us a call on 01792 403333 to book, or go to to find out more.

Click here for more details about Clyne Farm 


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