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Q. What safety measures have been put in place for riders?
A. All riding centres are members of the WTRA and therefore have to be accredited. This means that they adhere to all safety regulations and are assessed annually.

Q. Are the centres child friendly?
A. Most centres welcome children and provide the appropriate safety helmets. Please check with the centre before booking.

Q. Can we ride on the beach?
A. There will be restrictions on riding on some beaches, particularly during the summer months. Some centres have access to beaches however, so please check before booking.

Q. Can you organise overnight accommodation?
A. Many centres have accommodation connected to their business. This may be self-catering or B&B. If they don't, they will be able to make suggestions about possible accommodation in their local area.

Q. Can I bring my horse with me?
A. Some farms and riding centres will do B&B for your horse. There are also trails across Wales that you can enjoy.

Q. What is the difference between a trek and a hack?
This is a question about which most people will disagree about the answer! Our view is that a trek is where the horse is in control and the ride follows a set route - a chance to enjoy the countryside. A hack out allows control of the ride by the rider and the ride will proceed as fast as the least competent rider in the group. Depending on the experience of the riders hacks can range from led walks to fast rides with trots and canters. This is why centre will ask you what is your level of experience. They will also ask for your height and weight so that they can match you to the most appropriate horse

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